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BCR Global Textiles is a family run organisation specialising in the re-use and recycling of textiles.

Maxine Sault

Textile Recycling is the process in which unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles are collected and sorted for re-use. People are encouraged to put wearable clothes, shoes and other textiles into plastic bags and take them to one of our textile banks.

Re-usable textiles and shoes are then sorted and sent abroad where they can provide clothing for those who either do not have access to, or are unable to afford new garments.

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"Recycling textiles goes a long way to helping fight both pollution and poverty on a global scale.

We hope that, through textile recycling, we can transcend many of the world's political, racial and religious differences and unite all nations in building a better future for everyone."

Maxine Sault - Managing Director

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